Eve’s Crossing is not a place, it is a state of mind.  True growth for humankind happens when there is a group change in consciousness, when an entire society or region begins to behave in a different way from that which their traditions have taught.  Breaking from the same old way is not an easy transition and does not always come peacefully…but it is the only way that growth can happen.

Successful advancement happens when a balance is achieved, when all parts are moving in harmony, in synch.  Nature’s life cycle works this way in its death and rebirth, predator and prey, host and parasite.  The dance every life form does on this planet is one that is necessary for its continuation.  The success of humankind depends on this same balance, this same gentle dance.  This balance has yet to be achieved by our species.

While we definitely see the death and rebirth, predator and prey, host and parasite in our human lifestyle, it is not balanced.  As we are an emotional lot, we tend to allow greed, anger, fear and envy guide our decisions.  Due to this human nuance we continue to operate in an unbalanced way.

Eve’s Crossing is about achieving that balance.  It is not about empowering women or degrading men.  It is not about blaming patriarch religious traditions or praising goddess based belief systems.  It is not about judging any one sect of society over another.  We are about learning how to achieve balance.  When all participants in any project feel equally respected, responsible and accountable that project proceeds with great success and all are rewarded.  By understanding that all humankind are equal in all aspects of living and that all deserve to live up to their own highest potential we have the only recipe necessary for a peaceful, thriving society.

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  1. I think that balance comes from the heart and heart meaning your true intuition. So many times we go for what people of good standing tell us to do, or what to believe, and in my case every time I have gone against my intuition I have always been disappointed.

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