Bun-Bun’s Theory of Everything

I wrote a book a few months ago. It was inspired by some conversations my husband and I have had about, well, everything. I wrote it under the fantastical premise that my albino rabbit suddenly decided to spill his guts on his theory of all that is. Having read several metaphysical books such as Conversations With God, Love Without End, and MessagBunBun1es From Michael I thought it would be a good idea to put forth some of my own deep philosophical beliefs. The challenge of course is that my long-held understanding of our interconnectedness came from years of being curious, inquisitive and reading everything possible on the subject matter, not from a voice beyond. Then I realized that my connection to the All That Is, the collective consciousness (the Akashic Record, if you will) is that voice from beyond.

Yet, who am I? Just your average mother and grandmother living in southern California with a few college classes under my belt. My white rabbit however, has somehow become the imaginary voice for my otherwise silent musing. Bun-Bun was the perfect character to bring forth all that my little brain conjures up. Besides, what better representative for the secrets of the Universe? A quiet, unassuming feeder rabbit, rescued from a snake’s cage of certain death, only to live his own life out in a cage. He has a lot to say.

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Bun-Bun’s Theory of Everything

by Cheryl Ann Hunter

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