Manifestation, Precognition or Preparation?

Most everyone is familiar with the book “The Secret,” which helped to catapult the theory of the Law of Attraction into the mainstream.  I have my own take on the theory. Let’s set aside any philosophy, religion or physiology and just be open to the possibilities.

The concept behind The Secret is basically that through our intention, driven by emotion, we attract that which we envision.  The fact that the behavior of certain particles is affected by observation and human assumption has been proven time and time again in the lab. So the concept of the law of attraction is solid. Yet, there is another possibility.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a crush on a senior. He kindly tolerated my silly flirtation and even invited me to his graduation. I was not old enough to date, but my parents agreed to drive me to and from the event. As we drove to the graduation site, I played out a scenario of the night in my mind. This was a habit I had developed over the years, to daydream or imagine what was going to take place. In this case, I imagined that after the ceremony my crush would introduce me to his parents. I envisioned the parents as a petite couple with big smiles. I imagined the dad calling me a beautiful girl in Spanish and the mom wanting to take pictures of me and their son. Then my crush hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for coming.

I shook off my daydream as the car stopped. My parents dropped me off at the site, I watched the ceremony, then my crush approached me with a petite couple beside him. He introduced them as his parents. His mom smiled and gently took my hand. His dad smiled and commented in Spanish how beautiful I was. The mom took pictures of us, then my crush hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for coming.

Manifestation? Maybe. Precognition? Possibly. But what about preparation? Was my daydream simply a preparation for the possible outcome? I have long wondered if these coincidences are simply my mind or consciousness having the ability to exist in all time at one time. Much like the particles in quantum physics, could our consciousness be unlimited by time?

Let me give you a couple more examples.  One night I awoke from a nightmare about something chasing me.  I went into the bathroom with my empty glass and, like many nights, did not plan to turn the light on because the moonlight was just enough for me to see the faucet.  For some reason this time, however, I felt compelled to close the door and turn the light on.  As soon as I looked down at the sink and was about to fill my glass, I saw a HUGE black widow perched in the middle of the web she had just spun in the sink. She was directly under the faucet where my hand and my glass would have went.  What made me turn on the light when that is not my normal habit? Another instance, which also involved my nightly glass of water, happened when for some reason I picked up my glass by placing my finger tips inside and my thumb on the outside with a pinching grip instead of just grasping it normally.  As I did so, I felt my fingers touching something other than water. I took the glass into the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the light and found my glass filled with ants inside and out. Now, why did I wake up, sit up, then stick my fingers into the glass with my left hand instead of just grasping it with my right and taking a drink like always?

Again, I say preparation. The human mind or consciousness is a mysterious and under-explored territory. Scientists are just beginning to explore the possibility that the mind is operated by quantum energy, and since the quantum world does not seem to be governed by time or space, then our mind would not be bound by them either. Our brain is like a computer, our mind is the software and our consciousness the operating system.

Much like what we call animal instinct, our mind works in tandem with the consciousness to guide our brain in preparing us for what is coming. Sometimes we can see the obvious event about to take place, other times we just sense it. When we decide what direction we want to take in life, our mind searches the consciousness to map out a path. The mind can then direct the brain to seek out only those avenues that keep us on the path. The brain operates by automation. It functions by the fight or flight, survival laws of life. Therefore, the brain can sometimes lead us off the path that the mind is laying out. By stepping off the path or missing the road signs we put off achieving that which we told the mind we want.

So manifestation, precognition or preparation? They really are the same thing. In real simple terms, when we open ourselves up to the possibility that our mind knows no limit, perhaps we can retrain our brain to trust it and begin to operate out of wonder instead of fear. The mind is constantly whispering to us in preparation for the manifestation of what is to come.  Be sure to listen.

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