Something Awesome This Way Comes

Can you feel it?  Many of us can.  Some are reacting with “The sky is falling!”  Others are reacting with “...I waited for this.”  Regardless of the emotions you may be feeling, there is no denying the transition.  The change in how we relate to each other is moving with a changing of the guard, an exponential increase in the amount of young people who “get it.”

A recent episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday featured three young people who have begun to lead their generation in a whole new way of social interaction through spiritual principles that are inclusive and that utilize “coopetition.”  I love that word, coopetition.  It is a new way to express a method for growing ourselves, our economy and our planet as a cooperative society that brings everyone along in all success to the highest good.  Win-win is a good thing.

Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo bring a fresh perspective about how to pursue happiness, leave the world better than you found it and evolve to a higher level of being.  The word coopetition was discussed and explained in Oprah’s interview with these wonderful young teachers.  Each one shared suggestions in moving through this paradigm shift and how we may  leave the old way of competition in society behind, and embrace the new way of unity in purpose.

To work together for the common good is not a new concept certainly, but one that continues to try to break through the false labels that denigrate the philosophy from a compassionate bottom up symbiotic one to a destroyer of  business and competition  that wants to give people something for nothing.  In the United States for generations the labels “communism” and “socialism” have been thrown at any concept that speaks of unity and cooperation, not to mention good stewardship.  As these old-fashioned labels drop away, and a new generation untainted by the “commie scares” of the 1950’s begin to take their place in leadership, a new type of cooperative existence will take shape.

It is just the beginning of our global new age, and I am excited to be here right now.  Yes, something awesome this way comes…how will you decide to experience it?

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