The New Man

Claire with Pappy Mike
Claire with “Pappy” Mike

Watching my husband and my sons-in-law at my home on Thanksgiving day, I realize that the move toward a better balance has already begun in some men.

Past generations have relied on traditional behavior for men as dictated by society and culture. The protector, the provider, the rule maker and the disciplinarian have been roles usually played by Dad.

Children were considered to be not much more than a helpless creature needing mom’s exclusive care until about age three when they were walking and talking.

Pappy Mike and Roman
“Pappy” Mike with Roman

While both of my daughters are doting, stay-at-home breastfeeding mothers, their husbands have easily found their way into baby’s daily routine. With Claire at six months and Roman at two months old, the dads share everything from feeding to changing diapers and rocking the kids to sleep.

My husband, better known as “Pappy Mike,” lights up when the little ones are around. He loves the updates in pictures and stories that we receive, and takes pride in being able to get a laugh or a smile out of the little faces.

This participation by men who are in every way still the provider and protector is refreshing because they have so easily also taken on the title of nurturer. A team effort witnessed on this micro level gives me hope for the world out there.

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